What is Refty ?

We are a team that believes that life at work has lost its meaning and that this has a negative impact on the happiness of employees and on the performance of companies.

For the world of work to regain its meaning, we believe that the right people need to be in the right companies.
So we decided to create Refty and to use Data at the service of the Human to attack the source of the problem, to help companies recruit better.

Our goal is not to find a job for everyone, but to find the right job for everyone.

People First ✊.

Meet our founders

Guillaume, co-fondateur de Refty
Guillaume Gelin
Co-fondateur & CTO
Vincent, co-fondateur de Refty
Vincent Le Hénaff
Co-fondateur & CSO
Corentin, co-fondateur de Refty
Corentin Guillemard
Co-fondateur & CEO
Barthélémy, co-fondateur de Refty
Barthelemy Hick
Co-fondateur & CMO

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