You don't need to be a business expert to evaluate the hard skills of a candidate.

No more wasting time creating case studies.
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No more recruitment based on the feeling. Base your decisions on concrete information linked to tailor-made case studies.

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No more bad surprises, you move forward in your processes with the candidates that meet with your expectations.

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Christian Lacroix - Human Ressources
"Refty allows us to obtain valuable and more objective information on our candidates. Their evaluation method is frictionless because it is directly integrated with our ATS. On the candidate's side, it's just as seamless...
Thanks to Refty, 20% of the references we request have become candidates!"
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Audrey Joy - Candidate
"Using Refty is simple and intuitive and only took me a few minutes. It's a nice change from practical cases or personality tests which are often too long.
Having a summary of the results also allows you to know yourself better and is therefore a real plus in your job search."

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Our tests are created hand-in-hand with industry experts and in collaboration with the most innovative companies.

No more excuses for not assessing the technical skills of your candidates.

Well-being at work starts at recruitment
Marouane Ouadah
5 min
The influence of the corporate culture within a team?
Marouane Ouadah
7 min
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